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What is your radiation dose management health score?

How do you measure the health of your dose management program? With the extraordinary pressure on departments to maintain quality patient care while reducing resources and budgets, efficiency and time-savings is a necessity.

With OPTIMIZE, you can monitor the health of your department’s dose optimization by viewing your dose monitoring key performance indicators in an easy to consume, interactive dashboard.

Simple graphics illustrate the current status of your institution’s protocol reviews, CT/fluoroscopy incidents, and how current protocol performance scores against national benchmarks.

How does it save you time?

  • Summarizes compliance for regulatory inspections
  • Quickly shows where you are meeting benchmarking objectives and where to focus improvements
  • Facilitates communication within your dose management team
  • Provides direct access to insightful recommendations personalized for you by your qualified medical physicist partner

Data in our hands. Insights in yours. Learn how we can help with OPTIMIZE.