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Radiation Dose Monitoring Software - What You Need to Know for The Joint Commission Compliance

Marcella Lobo

What is a Radiation Dose Tracking System (DTS) ?

DTS systems interface with your imaging equipment and Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) to compile dose index data for patients undergoing medical imaging examinations.

Typical dose monitoring software systems:
• Extract dose index information from the Radiation Dose Structured Report
• Use optical character recognition to read the patient dose page
• Set dose thresholds
• Trigger notifications for examinations exceeding the dose thresholds
• View data in reports or dashboards

While a dose monitoring software are valuable, it alone does not meet all The Joint Commission (TJC) accreditation and dose optimization needs.

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Because a dose monitor software is not enough, LANDAUER launched a next-generation solution to solve this problem. OPTIMIZE, our radiation dose management software will:

  • Collect the data from your imaging equipment
  • Use a neural network for automatic protocol mapping
  • Use artificial intelligence to detect outliers
  • Compare your scans to national benchmarks

Challenges in an imaging depart

Today’s imaging departments are facing multiple, and sometimes conflicting, demands. Many are challenged to do more with less, while at the same time continuously improving the balance between image quality and optimal dose; driving down the risk of adverse events; and meeting the requirements of multiple agencies.

THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE:  on-call expertise of our medical physicists.

LANDAUER understands these challenges. That’s why we’ve developed an end-to-end dose optimization solution that meets those challenges: AI-enabled software that supports continuous improvement, plus on-call expertise of our medical physicists.

Our radiation monitoring software as service solution gives you the support you need— and the time you want back—to deliver the kind of care your patients deserve.

  • The right radiation dose for every patient, every time 100 percent compliance.
  • Automatic protocol mapping so you don’t spend hours doing it “Smart” alerts that eliminate time-consuming false positives.
  • Continuing quality improvement
  • Consistent image quality enterprise-wide
  • Efficiencies that help you reach through-put targets.

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