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LANDAUER NanoDot™ Powers the microSTAR®ii Dosimetry System – See How

LANDAUER Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) technology, found in the single point radiation monitoring nanoDot dosimeters, is useful as a secondary patient dose verification quality assurance tool.

In addition, they are an ideal solution in multiple settings, including diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine, interventional procedures, and radiation oncology. These dosimeters can be placed anywhere on the body or phantom, and the nondestructive readout supports reanalysis and electronic data archiving.

Used with the microSTARii dosimetry reader with dedicated software, many therapy physicists prefer using LANDAUER nanoDot, including Susha Pillai, MSc, MS, DABR, Assistant Professor of Therapeutic Diagnostic Radiology, at Oregon Health Sciences University.

“No powder. No inaccuracies. We bought the user-friendly system with nanoDot OSL dosimeters, worked out the dosimetry and physics QA workflow, and now our staff and residents use it as well – including for research,” said Ms. Pillai. (See our previous blog.)

Take a look at how nanoDots work in the microSTARii dosimetry system below.

Microstar ii Infographic