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Fluoroscopy Webinar by Radiation Dose Monitoring Software Specialist


Watch this webinar to:

• Understand what is required to meet The Joint Commission standards for fluoroscopy patient dose management. Is radiation dose management software really necessary? Why should you get?

• Apply best practices for managing patient doses in fluoroscopy before, during, and after the examination.

• Apply techniques and technology to manage occupational exposure related to operating fluoroscopic equipment.

Meeting The Joint Commissions standards for fluoroscopy patient dose management may seem like a challenge. 

Some hospitals have old equipment and tight budgets. Others have state of the art technology and dose monitoring software but aren’t sure how to best use it to meet the requirements. 

In this webinar we will provide practical advice on how to incorporate whatever tools are available to meet the new standards. 

Watch the Replay

Fluoroscopy patient dose management

Proper management of patient doses from fluoroscopic examinations reduces risk of serious radiation skin injuries. We will share best practices for a fluoroscopy patient dose management program including what should be done before, during, and after fluoroscopy examinations. 

We will discuss techniques for dose optimization for adults and pediatrics and how to incorporate these techniques into training programs for staff operating fluoroscopic equipment. 

Finally, we will focus on proper follow-up, communication, and management of radiation related injuries to minimize the effect on patients’ lives. 

To conclude, we will focus on occupational exposure from operating fluoroscopic equipment.

Data shows that staff who work with fluoroscopic equipment have higher incidence of cataracts and cancer.


We will cover the simple techniques staff can use to minimize their exposure as well as state of the art tools that are available to help manage occupational exposure in the fluoroscopic room.

If you have questions about meeting The Joint Commission standards for fluoroscopy patient dose management, this webinar is for you.

Download the Deck of the fluoroscopy webinar. 

Olav Christianson, MS, DABR 
Senior Medical Physicist, Director of CDOS and OPTIMIZE at LANDAUER

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