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Accreditation for Medical, Dental & Veterinary Practices

LANDAUER can lead you through accreditation...from start to finish

The steps to accreditation (IAC, TJC, ACR) can be time-consuming. While accreditation is voluntary, deemed status from an accreditor or CMS is required for Medicare and Medicaid assignment. Here is an example of steps required by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission:

  • Shielding Design
  • Post Installation Shielding Survey
  • Medical Physics CBCT Acceptance Test/Equipment Survey - requires triennial reaccreditation
  • Medical Practice Staff Training & Assistance - reaccreditation not required (new staff only)
  • State Registration
  • Accreditation Application - requires triennial reaccreditation
  • Policies & Procedures Manual Completion
  • QC Program Participation (IAC Accreditation Requirement) - requires triennial reaccreditation

The accreditation landscape is constantly changing. Let LANDAUER support your needs from start to finish.

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Accreditation support is available for every eligible modality -- and LANDAUER has a 99% success rate in advanced modalities. Ask us how this was achieved.

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