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Accreditation for Medical, Dental & Veterinary Practices

LANDAUER can lead you through accreditation...from start to finish

The steps to accreditation (IAC, TJC, ACR) can be time-consuming. Although not mandated, accreditation is voluntary by Medicare and Medicaid and required for assignment. Here is an example of steps required by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission:

  • Shielding Design
  • Post Installation Shielding Survey
  • Medical Physics CBCT Acceptance Test/Equipment Survey - requires triennial reaccreditation
  • Medical Practice Staff Training & Assistance - reaccreditation not required (new staff only)
  • State Registration
  • Accreditation Application - requires triennial reaccreditation
  • Policies & Procedures Manual Completion
  • QC Program Participation (IAC Accreditation Requirement) - requires triennial reaccreditation

The accreditation landscape is constantly changing. Let LANDAUER support your needs from start to finish.

roadway with large arrow demonstrating accreditation path for medical dental chiropractic and veterinary practices

Pick your accreditation path…and let LANDAUER lead the way

Look to LANDAUER as your accreditation partner -- for all accreditors.

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Authoritative Experience and Expertise

A 99% Success Rate is Achievable with LANDAUER

Accreditation support is available for every eligible modality -- and LANDAUER has a 99% success rate in advanced modalities. Ask us how this was achieved.

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