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At LANDAUER we have over 60 years of experience in the radiation monitoring industry as well as offer unparalleled support in both medical and health physics.

To reach Landauer Customer Service, please contact us at or 1-800-323-8830. 


Dosimetry Services: 1-800-323-8830

Patient Monitoring: 1-800-323-8830

Emergency Preparedness: 1-800-323-8830

InLight® Dosimetry Systems Solutions: 1-800-561-2708

Medical Physicists: 1-877-476-8433

Radon: 1-800-528-8327

All Other Inquiries: 1-800-323-8830

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General Inquiries

Customer Service: 1-800-323-8830

Technical/Analytical Support: 1-800-438-3241

Regional Sales Assistant: 1-800-628-1514

Online Support: 1-800-323-8830