Test Your Home for Radon

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Included with a Radon Test Kit purchase: 

  • Radtrak Long Term Alpha Track Radon Gas Detector 
  • Complete Analysis via proprietary TrackEtch technology*
  • Radon Report by accredited and world renowned laboratory*
  • Record Retention archive of report and detector for your future reference*
  • Kit also includes: full set of instructions, data sheet, gold seal, postage-paid return shipping
 * Upon lab receipt of returned detector 



Why RadTrak?


When you purchase a Radtrak Detector Kit, you will receive a comprehensive analysis and confidential report of findings sent to you approximately seven to ten days after we receive your exposed detector. Our knowledgeable customer support team is here to answer any questions you may have. Landauer also provides long-term storage of the processed detector for future reanalysis or documentation. 


The RadTrak radon gas dector accommodates the preferred EPA long-term test protocol to account for daily and weekly fluctuations in radon gas levels, contrasting a 2-5 short term test which could yield a false high/low report. The Radtrak has been used by the US Environmental Protection Agency, US Department of Energy, US Department of Defense, National Institute of Health, American Lung Association, and numerous other public and private organizations and is trusted worldwide. 


For detailed information, please contact us at 800.528.8327 or radon@landauer.com 


Radtrak Radon Gas Detector

Trusted wordwide and used by US EPA, US DOE, US DOD, NIH, ALA and numerous other organizations.


Landauer is the industry leader in radon and radiation dosimetry. 


For detailed information, please contact us at 800.528.8327 or radon@landauer.com