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Occupational Radiation Monitoring & Informatics

Why Monitor Radiation through LANDAUER?

With more than 60 years of experience, it is the most trusted name in radiation safety 

LANDAUER's cost effective and comprehensive radiation monitoring badge programs for private practices feature the same technology, service and support trusted by more than 80% of leading medical facilities and more than 20,000 private practices in the U.S. 

LANDAUER uses Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL), an advanced technology available for measuring radiation exposure. LANDAUER’s Luxel+ badge contains aluminum oxide, that absorbs radiation to which the wearer is exposed during use. When you return the badge to LANDAUER, the aluminum oxide in the dosimeter is stimulated with a laser, emits light then is measured to determine the amount of radiation received by the wearer.

The Luxel+ badge has many advantages over film and TLD (thermoluminescent dosimeters) badges.

  • Durable: Unlike film and TLD badges, Luxel+ badges provide accurate dose readings, even when exposed to extreme temperatures, moisture, oil from fingers, or when dropped or tampered with
  • Flexible frequency: Luxel+ is capable of storing data for a much longer period of time, which provides you with the flexibility to simplify your badge program by maintaining longer wear frequencies
  • Accurate: Luxel+ badges can measure radiation exposure as low as 1 millirem (mrem) and is accurate within ± 1 mrem, while film and TLD badges require at least 10 mrem to begin monitoring (very important for fetal monitoring)

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Imaging Physics

Imaging Physics Services

Need assistance managing radiation safety and maintaining compliance?

Rely on LANDAUER imaging physics professionals. They are medical imaging experts and who optimize image quality and measure and benchmark radiation dose for safety and compliance in all modalities. Services include:

  • Registration assistance
  • Radiation protection policy manuals (required in 42 states)
  • Shielding designs (required for new or relocated imaging equipment)
  • Post-installation radiation surveys
  • Annual equipment surveys

Physicists are well-versed in state, regulatory and accreditation requirements.



Do you have an effective radiation safety training program?

LANDAUER Academy offers high-quality courses that meet today's needs for compliance, certification and practice knowledge. Easily access courses through your computer, tablet and cell phone. Many courses provide important continuing education credits and meet state and OSHA requirements.


LANDAUER customers appreciate

  • The fastest reporting time in the industry—five-day turnaround
  • Secure recordkeeping
  • A lifetime record of your exposure in our safekeeping with data archiving
  • Immediate customer and technical support when you need it by a team of experts


"I have been using the LANDAUER Luxel badge for almost eight years. My staff, most of whom are women of childbearing age, consider it one of the best perks of working at my office."

Alma R. Nava, D.D.S.
Drakeshire Dental
Farmington Hills, MI

"The LANDAUER badge is the most accurate X-ray dosimeter on the market and includes timely, easy to read reports. Wearing of the LANDAUER product by my staff who take radiographs gives them they peace-of-mind they deserve."

Karson L. Carpenter, D.D.S.
HPTC Compliance Training Partners
Farmington Hills, MI 

LANDAUER: Setting the Pace of Radiation Safety 

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